Route your incoming bankruptcy contacts through us. We get the most out of your marketing budget!


Call me to discuss how I can bring new clients into your office.


What I Do

  • I make the best possible first impression for your firm.
    • Potential client calls aren’t an interruption of my work, they are my work. I’m a sales professional by trade. I enjoy taking prospect calls.
    • I take the time to listen to the debtor’s story, and I respond with genuine empathy and encouragement.
  • I build value in your representation and in bankruptcy as a solution to the potential client’s problems.
    • I engage the prospect in a 10-15 minute conversation that builds engagement within the potential client and demonstrates your office’s personal service. The more they engage with me, the less likely they are to call another bankruptcy attorney.
    • Because I take the time to learn each potential client’s unique set of problems, I can address specifically how a skilled attorney can employ the bankruptcy code to provide a unique solution for them.
  • I calendar, confirm, set expectations for and follow-up upon the initial appointment.
    • Vetted and prequalified bankruptcy prospects come to your office; prepared for the meeting and ready to hire you.
    • You’ll have more scheduled appointments, fewer no-shows and easier time converting prospects into clients.

Foundational Belief

All else equal, a bankruptcy law firm that invests in professional new-client intake will close more business than one that doesn’t. Usually, a lot more.